My Favorite Online MMORPG

What’s up my fellow gamers, today I want to go over my favorite MMORPG. This is my favorite because of the content the game provides for each kind of player that decides to play the game. My main genre of games that I like to play are definitely MMORPGs because there is just so many things you can do in them and it’s way harder for the game to get boring if you always have some kind of goal to look forward to or work towards.

This game is my opinion only and not a fact that you will think this is the best game for you, I just want to let you know why this game is my favorite game to play and why it’s a good game to play.

World of Warcraft

This is by far my favorite game in the Online MMORPG genre. I have played this game since it’s original release back in 2004, and the game still has a massive playerbase to this day. The game offers 12 different and unique classes for you to choose from, as well as having multiple races to start out with and unlock as you progress through the game.

There is some kind of content for every type of player in this game. Whether you want to gather resources, be a marketeer and run the economy by earning loads of gold, or just straight up kill things, this game is for you. It also has a very dramatic & rich storyline that is sure to inspire even the weakest of player to fight!

The tale begins with two separate factions, Horde and Alliance. These groups are involved in a massive struggle for power. The winner gains the prize… Control of Azeroth! And then, you’ll never believe how the… Wait, better not say too much. Sorry guys, no spoilers. 😉 If you want to know more, you gotta decide if you will watch history unfold, or help write it!

What I can tell you is one of my all time favorite features of the game is the ability to transmogrify. If you are currently unaware of what that means, it is basically the ability to transform the look of your gear and really customize it to your own tastes. You are able to set out on a journey to find the coolest looking weapons and gear in the game and use that as an appearance for another piece of gear you own but keep the stats that the current one has.

If you love games that has a lot of social features and a massive playerbase then you will love this game. Raids are a huge piece of content that the game offers to players. Raids are challenging missions for players to get into a group for and kill giant bosses to obtain a great amount of gold and powerful gear.

There are different types of raids in the game, if you want small group raids to play with friends, you can queue for a 10-man raid on different difficulties. If you want a huge raid with loads of people killing a giant boss, then you can queue up for a 40-man raid.

World of Warcraft offers players a chance to embark on a journey for honor and glory in the world of Azeroth. At level 1 you can start questing alone or if you would like to you can get a group of your friends together and go on that journey together. Everything is easier and more fun with friends to play it with, so get together a group and head into the heart of Azeroth.

If you love PvP (Player vs. Player) you will be very glad to know that there is a couple different kinds of PvP in World of Warcraft. You can queue up for Arena which is a small group of players that are put into a small arena to fight to the death for loot and a higher ranking among the skilled players of the game.

If Arena based PvP isn’t quite your thing that’s fine, there is also Random Battlegrounds (RBGs) which are larger battles pitting players against the opposing faction in order to obtain victory by capturing flags or escorting carts across the map to an objective. Random Battlegrounds are normally 10vs10 or 40vs40 battles on various uniquely designed and beautiful maps across Azeroth. There is also Open-World PvP which gives people the option to kill players out in the world while questing or just gathering resources.

It can get pretty annoying if you are just trying to level up your character and someone keeps killing you while you quest, but there is an option to enable or disable the Open-World PvP so people can’t kill you if you don’t have it enabled. Players can only kill each other in the world if both players have the option enabled.

The Online MMORPG genre is always evolving and coming out with new and exciting games to play. World of Warcraft does a good job at coming out with different and unique expansions that keep the game interesting and renewing to play each time you hop in the game.

Why it’s a good game to play

World of Warcraft has been around since 2004, and has seen millions or players ingame. There is plenty of content to do in this game because when you are finished doing one thing there is something else that comes up right after. If you love PvP, Raiding, Questing with friends (or alone), Discovering awesome and unique weapons that give you the satisfaction or looking and feeling like a boss while playing, then this game definitely has you covered in all those regards.

I have played this game since it’s release and I will continue to play it in the future because I am able to set goals ingame and then strive for them. I hope you can find the fun in the game like I do and maybe I will see you in Azeroth someday. FOR THE HORDE!



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